Hair Weave

I believe you have heard about hair weave. It’s a kind of hair style that one can achieve temporally without the need of natural hair. It’s    something that you can get even with a bald head. A hair weave is, in fact, the easiest way to get a high style you have always wished for. You don’t need to wait for months and years to get yourself the best trendy hairstyle in Kenya. You don’t have to wait for your hair to grow either, it’s straightforward and fast. Also, it’s cheap to achieve, and you don’t have to break a bank to get one super fantastic weave in your head.

If you don’t want to damage your hair by chemically, coloring, straightening, perming, a weave hair will sort you once and for all. You have the freedom to curly, wavy or straighten in whatever style you wish. It is a good idea for any lady out there admiring a natural look after a tight budget trying to look plenty and natural at the same time. You may also want to avoid anything to do with the permanent look; you want something that you can change at any given minute. Hair weaves are the way to go and enjoy a premium look that you change overnight. Amazingly, you can have any look you want without damaging your natural hair at all.

You may be wondering and asking yourself questions by now, well, you won’t look trashy or fake whatsoever. I agree at some point; a half-baked hairdresser may make you look poor and messy, but you have to consider to get a professional stylist before investing in this fortune. Avoiding such regrettable procedures is easy. Avoid synthetic weaves that may react with your skin and cause some allergic reaction to your natural skin.

How to go about it:


First, you have to get the hair from a reputable dealer. Most shops get the hair from different countries like India and China, where we have a lot of donors with versatile hair. The Chinese and Indian hair is easy to set and can be altered in any way you like. Additionally, professionals change both the texture and the color of the hair easily. In most scenarios, the hair is always treated and altered to the best way possible meaning that your hairdresser will have very little to do when fixing it. It will come either straight, curly, dark or blonde.

More often, weaves are held together on the scalp or glued together in sections near the root. The weft has to be hidden under the natural hair, and it has to be small in size. Just like normal hair, the rest of the hair is left to hand on the sides. Wafted hair is often seen more realistic.

Once the weave has been woven in your head, they are very simple to maintain although you have to do this in a professional salon, you don’t have to do it by yourself. If you attempt, the results can be extremely horrific. Below are few simple rules you should follow:

  • Skip two weeks before you wash your hair after the installation. By doing so, your weaved head will integrate properly without damages on the main look.
  • Do not use alcohol products and acidic shampoos. They may damage your hair too early before you meet your girlfriends.
  • At times you may want to comb your hair, start from the bottom as go up to the scalp.
  • Before you shampoo, please apply the brush.
  • Avoid undoing your hair by yourself. Wait until you get a professional stylish.

The above rules will help you achieve an original look that will make you stand out among your peers. Hair weaves whether from Brazilian hair or Asian hair can still look good in you. Both stars and celebrities have considered weaves when shooting their videos and also when going for live interviews. It’s all about dealing with stylish who are experts and passionate about their job.

Hair weaves: How and Why


When watching movies, I know you have wondered how the main actors get the best hairstyles in different scenes, well, the secret is simple. Hair weaves are simple to apply and give you a transformational natural look within hours or so. Recently, we have seen extensions taking over the market in an entirely different way.

Extensions are additional hair to the natural hair or a combination of both. There are different techniques used to achieve the great looks you see on Nairobi streets of in movies. They are sewn, woven and braided in a professional way. As your natural hair grows with time, they need to be tightened and adjusted to achieve tight designs that will make you stand out among the crowds.

There different techniques to make you look more beautiful and natural all round. The common style is the one where one is weaved into small cornrows from the forehead to the back. This is a common style seen with a lot of ladies here in town. Below are the major known techniques:


A professional hairdresser can only execute sewing or tracking. The natural hair has to be braided first and few concentric circles created after which the sewing starts immediately. To attach them, the process has to be repeated in about eight to fifteen times.


Glue is used to fasten the extensions to the root. It’s only a professional hairdressing can only apply this. Then hair is separated into small rows and bonded together before filling in your natural hair. It’s a risky technique that demands a lot of care when one is removing the weaves.

Advantages and Disadvantages


There are few advantages when it comes to hair weaves. You need a healthy hair and at the same time a fabulous natural look. Below are some of the notable benefits herewith:

You need a great substitute hair when aging. Hair weaves are thin and make sure that you don’t have any signs of hair loss.

You get the ability to wear any texture without anything to do with chemicals that may affect your natural hair in the long run. The texture and the length create a conducive environment in the head with its thinning and color character.

Maintaining a weave is cheap. You can style it in any way possible to make sure you look natural and representable just like a star. No messing up in the morning when waking up or spending a lot of time in the mirror trying to fix it.

When different people are undergoing various types of transplants in the head, both men and women utilize the hair weaves till they are fully healed. They may not want to appear in the public till they look good and appealing in the head. The transplant usually takes 3-4 weeks.

On the other side, there are few drawbacks to having a weave in your head. They include:

Some of the methods used in achieving a good weave lead to loss of natural hair. When your hairdresser tightens your hair, there are chances of pulling your natural hair hence some loss and thinning.

Your follicles are also at risk when tight weaves are applied on your head. There can occur breakage at the base root of your head. It’s then advisable to consider a professional person to do it a good way that you may minimize the chances of damages. The expert can also give you advice on the same.

Longevity and Maintenance


It’s common everywhere that hair weaves last for about 4-8 weeks before messing up. Always consider visiting your salon attendant for proper maintenance from time to time. The period you stay with your weave usually, makes your hair grow with at least 2 inches. At this point, you change your style in a different way to match your lifestyle. After the additional length, you can redo or re-attach your hair to another great style to make it more appealing.


Women like hair weaves that present them with a lot of beauty and acceptance among crowds. They prefer black colored weaves to look natural and beautiful at the same time. Hair weaves came at the right time when ladies were in a state of despair with their hair. They could rise early in the morning and spend hours trying to fix it day after day. Thanks to this innovation that women can now have a smile on their face after a long battling with natural hair. They can now agree that they can achieve great beauty without spending a lot of money at salons trying to look beautiful. If you want to change in overnights, hair weaves are the way to go nowadays. Get to your nearest beauty dealer and get yourself the best weave during this season.