Fatboy Slim Cape Town

Recently I heard a very awesome piece of info regarding music performer Fatboy Slim. The Man, The Legend will be gracing us with his presence at the upcoming World Cup football music events at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. Damn right boys and girls. Prepare to hold onto your sanity! Friday 18th June is when the music will explode.

Fatboy Slim has become a legend in his own time. Whether you call him a DJ, or a dance artist…it doesn’t really matter, this guy is both of these labels and so much more. I remember back in the day when I was but a dance dance Padawan and had a tentative grasp of the dance music industry, that Fatboy Slim was an artist to be watched. There is no doubt that songs like Rockafeller Skank and Weapon of Choice changed my perspective on music altogether.

Now it’s is South Africa’s turn to bask in the vibrancy and energy that is Fatboy Slim and to truly have a party to kick off the World Cup in the manner it deserves.

The CTICC will play host to not only Fatboy Slim but a whole host of top DJ’s and bands throughout the World’s most popular sporting event. We are talking about a 31 day party, of which Fatboy Slim is only one of those days. Shoooo it’s going to be a mad, mad month for Capetonians….not to mention a serious money sucker HAHAHA!
Global Icons and Cool Britannia will be putting on a music extravaganza from 12 noon – 3am every single freaking day….WOW!

While tickets for the majority of the parties will be R150, on Friday 18th June will be R400.
Now I know what you are thinking “R400 what a rip”. However, if you consider what is going on its actually well worth the cash. This party will be going all day, with loads of entertainment, not to mention LIVE streaming of all the football events across SA. There will be dop, chow and unlimited excitement. Put into perspective for all this, plus the legendary Fatboy Slim jol, is not asking that much!

Ladies and gents this is going to be HUGE…miss it and seriously miss out. You will undoubtedly be kicking yourself until the day you pass on to the fluffy meadows of the afterlife.

But in these few hours I’ve noticed something amazing – the Parisians are fashion crazy. Everywhere you go, people are dressed up – it’s 10.40 in the morning here, and the coffee shops are already full of well dressed people enjoying a morning cappuccino and croissant.

Fashion in Paris is definately worth watching. I’ve got a good spot @ the moment. I’m sitting in a hotel with a baguette, overlooking the Gare Du Nord train station (where I have to be in an hours time).

And i’m also overlooking the main street outside the Gare Du Nord – and other than the tourists, who are all dressed the same as me – old pair of Jeans, and new eSquared Tshirt (okay, i might be the only one wearing the new eSquared Tshirt – guess it’s time to start speading the eSquared vibe to Paris), the Parisians seem to enjoy the Fashion.

There’s a guy whose just walked passed me wearing a traditional grey suit, with a BRIGHT PURPLE tie, and now I’ve just spotted a tourist with a BRIGHT LUMO ORANGE backpack.