Jeans Evisu

Without doubt the ultimate “fashion must”, for anybody who is still breathing, has to be the immortal pair of jeans.
Jeans have stuck around for so long and considering their humble rather down trodden beginnings Jeans are undoubtedly a success story when it comes to clothing.

The actual history of jeans is quite a long and interesting story…however I think I will touch on that history another time perhaps.

What I want to talk about today is my favourite designer brand of jeans called Evisu.

Ok, so I don’t often go near designer jeans because the prices make my skin itch.

yep I’m the kinda dude who will go to Mr. Price or perhaps Hang Ten when I need a new pair, I find that even if they are pretty much “cattle runs” when it comes to clothing, as far as their jeans are concerned they are more than adequate and in my own opinion last longer than the latest designer jeans, which seem to only last a season before they explode into tiny little designer pieces.

However if I have to single out one label that specializes in designer jeans and go out of their way to make a quality garment, it has to be without doubt Evisu.

So who the heck are Evisu (Evisu Genes) and where do they make these legendary jeans?
Well the story goes a little something like this:

The brand was formed way back in 1991 (when Kurt Cobain was still alive and kicking) by the now ultra famous Hidehiko Yamane.

Well ok maybe Yamane is a little more famous in the Asian circles, but let me tell you he has made one hell of a lasting impression on the international jeans market.

Anybody who knows their jeans and has a tendency towards being picky about intricate workmanship will definitely know Evisu and hold them in high regard.

It’s an interesting brand as it is actually become very well known, but still has a slightly underground feel to their overall brand…which undoubtedly serves them in good stead with consumers.

The brand, which you should have realised by the creator’s name, is a Japanese label founded in the city of Osaka.
Hidehiko Yamane has had a deep background in clothing manufacture and spent many years perfecting the art of creating “true” vintage style jeans.

Not only was he trained as a tailor but he also went on to work in vintage clothing export endeavours where he learnt much of the business know how that has seen Evisu launch onto a global platform.

Yamane was very disheartened to see how the mass produced designer clothing market was filled with poor workmanship and a shoddy work ethic…this saw him leave his tailoring job and take the step to export, this was the first steps at pulling together the important pieces that would make this own brand of vintage jeans work…this included hunting down machinery that was no longer produced (by like 40 years).

In the beginning his production line produced about 14 pairs of jeans a day…however they were created with the utmost care and precision…Yamane then hand painted the famous Evisu seagull logo onto the jeans himself….can you imagine what the price of one of those original pairs must cost a jeans junkie??

Shooo, they must be worth quite a mint to the right collector….maybe I should get onto eBay LOL.

Evisu may have taken the step into the world of relatively large production, but the spirit still remains.
Yamane’s unique designs and business savvy have seen him go on to start a complimenting ladies range called Evisu Donna, which rounded off the label as a contender in any market.

What do you guys and girls think, do you dig Evisu or are you perhaps sold more on Levis and pricey D&G stuff?